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The Ninja Sword

When that section of society in Old Japan (peasant farmers?) had evolved into the shadow warriors known as the Ninja, they had developed a variety of useful, practical and devastating hand to hand combat weapons with which to practice the art of assassination and subversive attack. From “Black Eggs” to “Shurikens”, their…

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What is Hand to Hand Combat?

Hand to hand combat is close range fighting between two or more opponents. Close Quarter Combat (CQC) and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) are military terms referring to short-range engagements with weapons, possibly culminating in hand to hand combat. Hand to hand combat (HTH, H2H, Hand to Hand) can be armed or…

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Bowling Tips for Beginners

Just starting out in the world of bowling?  Then I welcome you to a fun and exciting arena of participating in such a sport that you can truly enjoy with anybody whether you’re looking to find a hobby, fill in a weekly outing schedule or even consider jumping headlong into…

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Ice Hockey Equipment Basics

The evolution of ice hockey equipment and of the game itself has been a long process. Current beliefs date ice hockey back to prehistoric periods, but, obviously, the modern game is much different and requires a specialized set of equipment to both play the game and prevent injuries to players.…

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