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Cure Yourself of these Dreaded Golf Viruses

Golf Shanking Cure

Pay attention! There is a dreaded virus called the shanks which can cause many unpleasant symptoms and even attack the very soul of a golfer. It can strike any time and at any place, do it’s damage and then move on. But the memory can remain long after.

Does a golf shanking cure exist? Can this dreaded virus be eradicated for good? After reading this article you will have immunity against the shanks.

A Shank goes by many names but the devastating results are still the same no matter what it’s called. You may have heard these names whispered around the greens: Chinese hook, hosel rockets, pitch out, scud, and the snake killer.

All of these are referring to a shank which in the most simplest definition is what happens when the club impacts the ball and it shoots off to the right at an angle of 90 degrees to the target. This shot occurs because the ball is being struck using the hosel or socket instead of the actual clubface.

The following tips, when implemented are the ultimate golf shanking cure and will destroy this virus from spreading:

Tip One – Become Like A Zen Monk

The first step to stopping shanking is to relax. If you have a case of the shanks, you are probably highly stressed and thinking of worst case scenarios. Being tense can seriously effect your golf swing and can even be the actual reason for shanks to make an appearance in the first place. So take a quick time out between shots and breath deeply in and out a few times and relax. Then tense all the muscles in your body and hold this tension for about 10 seconds and then release them and feel the wave of relaxation through your body. Once you are feeling relaxed take your shot.

Tip Two – Mind Over Shank

The mind is a powerful weapon and can be used as a golf shanking cure. Visualize yourself swinging perfectly, with the ball making contact with the center of the clubface each and every time. Repeat this mental drill over and over again and then perform your swing physically and see if this made a difference. If it didn’t work the first time, repeat this quick visualization method again.

Tip Three – The Ultimate Immunity

There is a simple drill you can do that will destroy shanking and eradicate it for good. All you need is a thick hardcover book. Align the book with the target line and place the ball exactly 2 inches away from the edge of book. Then play your shot.

If the club touches the book when you strike the ball it means that you are hitting the ball with the hosel causing the shank. Using the book makes it very obvious how you are hitting the ball and it also allows you to keep adjusting the swing until you are hitting the ball with the center of the clubface. Practice this drill repeatedly and you will find the elusive golf shanking cure that you have been seeking.


Golf Pull Shot Cure – 4 Step Solution

Golf Pull Shot CureEvery golfer can produce bad shots here and there. But when bad shots start to become a regular habit, you may need to learn how to eliminate the problems swiftly.

This article will focus on proven golf pull shot cure solutions, so you can learn to release this troublesome shot from your game and replace it with shots that are straight and powerful.

When you are consistently hitting a shot and the ball flies to the left of the target (outside to inside), you have been infected with a nasty pull shot virus.

This problem is not only annoying and frustrating, but can make even the best players look like they are absolute amateurs.

That is unless they know how to cure it before it starts to spread and impact the confidence of a players whole entire game.

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4 Steps To Stopping The Pull Shot Virus Dead In Its Tracks:

1.Proper alignment of the body is essential if you want to stop the ball from flying off towards the left of the target. Check the position of your feet, shoulders and hips. They should not be open or pointing towards the left of your target, this will consistently cause an outside to inside swing path, which will likely result in a pull shot. To fix this, line your feet, shoulders, and hips up at the target.

2.The swinging motion needs to be in check for a straight shot to happen. As you swing the club back, it’s important to transfer weight to your right leg.

3.On the downswing, transfer the weight from your right leg to the left, this will help guide the club so that it’s on the correct path. Both the shoulders and the hips need to work together in a smooth and flowing unit. If you lead with your shoulders first your whole swinging movement will be affected, as will the path of the ball in flight. Also make sure you keep your head down and do not lift it up prematurely.

4.Complete the swing and finish in a balanced and stable position. The ball should now be in a straight flight towards the target.

This 4 step approach should be all that is needed to fix the pull shot. If you are still hitting the ball and it’s moving to the left of the target you should go over the steps again and make sure you are doing each one correctly.

Here Are Some Additional Tips to Help Correct A Pull Shot:

Check your grip and make sure it isn’t too strong. This is a common error many golfers make. Your grip should be neutral and the clubface should be square.

Make sure your body is aligned so that it’s parallel to the target line. A good visualization trick you can do to make sure this happens is to imagine you are standing on a railway line. The ball should be positioned on the furthest rail which would be the target line. On the lower rail closest to you is the body line, where you body should be positioned parallel to the top rail or target line.

Practice swinging in slow motion, so you can break down each part of the technique. This will help you to swing down the target line.

Don’t release the club too early on the downswing. This will result in the club head moving across the target line, instead of staying straight, and a pulled shot will be the end result.

Always do your best to line up square to the target line. If you are hitting pull shots do not try to rectify this by hitting more towards the right, which can result in more troubles. Focus on squaring up to the target line, this should be you main aim.

Now that you know these golf pull shot cure solutions, you should have no trouble getting rid of this nasty virus and establishing positive habits. So get out onto the golf course and practice what you have learned in this article today.

How To Stop Hooking The Golf Ball – Quick Fix

Are you searching for practical information on how to stop hooking the golf ball? Is your hooking frustration becoming so great that you end up in verbal screaming match with your club?

Even if you haven’t reached this extreme and hooking the ball is only a minor inconvenience, it is worth knowing how to throw this problem out of the golf course once and for all. Let’s get started…

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this article, I think it is useful to define exactly what it means to hook a golf ball. Very simply, a hook is the name for a shot that curves dramatically from right to left. This is opposite for left handed golfers.

The cause of a hook can usually be found in one or all the following areas; stance, grip, or your swing. So if you are suffering from the dreaded hook, it is best to analyze these areas of your golf game so you can pinpoint what you are doing wrong and change it.


If your shoulders are in the open or closed position this can cause hooking so make sure they are square. The transfer of weight can also be an issue. Ideally you want your weight to start off on the back foot and as you complete your swing the weight should be transferred to the front. Hooking can result when you place too much weight on the back foot or are slow to transfer the weight to the front. If this is a problem area for you, practice reducing your speed and work on the proper weight transfer.


If you are hooking the ball consistently, the grip you are using can be a primary candidate. To get optimum control and hit the ball straight you need to be aware of your grip tightness and adjust it accordingly. When you’re making changes, do not over compensate as this will cause other problems such as slicing the ball. Instead, aim for small and gradual changes.

To fix grip problems, you need to get back to basics and remember the fundamental grip position. A fine balance needs to be struck between a “strong” grip and a “weak” grip. If you can see three knuckles on your left hand, then likely you are using a strong grip and will need to loosen it slightly. Take notice of your grip on impact, if it is too weak it can also cause the ball to hook to the left.


If you are still hooking the golf ball after adjusting your stance and grip, then more than likely your swing is the cause. Make certain the clubface isn’t open or closed on impact, it must be square otherwise a hook can be the result. When you are working on fixing your swing, don’t worry about how far you are hitting the ball, instead slow the movement way down and make sure you are using proper form and technique.

Chipping Yips Cure – Say Goodbye To The Yips

There is a four letter word that strikes fear and terror in the very heart of golfers all across the world. Even the professionals hate even the mention of this word. The nasty word I’m talking about is the…yips!

In this chipping yips cure article, I will be showing you how to get rid of this word from your vocabulary and your game, so that you never have to experience the torture that this condition is capable of dishing out.

Tip One – Drop The Label

If you have fallen victim to the curse of the yips, you have probably labeled yourself as a “yipper”. This is not a good thing! One you label yourself this way, it can start to become the very fabric of your identity, and cause you to struggle constantly with the yips.

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So right now, stop referring to yourself as a someone who has the yips and instead focus on the type of golfer you want to become. What you focus on repetitively, tends to increase, multiply, and occur more. So focus on what you want not on what you don’t want (being a yipper).

Tip Two – Find The Fear

There is a reason why you are suffering from the dreaded yips and it’s your job to find out what it is. Usually the yips are caused either by something internal such as negative thinking, over thinking, worry, or replaying bad shots in your mind. Also the yips can be caused by something external such as other golfers teasing you, nervousness from people watching, problems with technique or hazards.

Finding the source of your fear can naturally help erase the negative internal or external associations you’re making, which can be responsible for the chipping yips. So find the fear and let it dissolve.

Tip Three – Break Down Your Chipping Technique

If your chipping yips are becoming a reoccurring problem, it’s time to go back to the basics and study your technique. Slow down the whole entire movement of each shot, so you can discover where you are going wrong and how to correct it.

Another good idea is to get someone experienced to watch you as you perform the chip and help you identify the weak points. You could also get someone to film your shot so that you can watch it in slow motion. Analyzing your technique by using these various techniques will help you correct the issues you are having with chipping.

Tip Four – Just Breathe

Chipping yips can cause you to tense up, become a grip choker, and send your heart racing like crazy. To eliminate these negative occurrences, learn to take a few deep breaths in from your diaphragm or lower stomach. Breathe in to the count of 4, hold for 4, then breathe out to the count of 8 and hold for 4. Do this cycle 3 – 5 times to slow your heart rate, become relaxed and more in tune with your body again.

Tip Five – Build Your Confidence

If you want to realize your full golfing potential, you are going to need to develop your confidence. It is one of the most powerful assets that you can take with you on the green.

When you are going through a yipping phase, your confidence levels have probably hit rock bottom. So how do you get confident again? One trick is to spend 10 minutes every day, with your eyes closed, replaying all your top shots and performances from the past. If you do this every day for a week, you should see a major improvement in your golf game and find your chipping yips are a thing of the past.

Tip Six – Drill Yips Out Of Your Life

Invest in a good golfing book or download one that demonstrates specific drills for chipping and for curing the yips. Regularly repeating a stroke when you are not in the middle of a competitive game, can really help you to focus on using the correct chipping technique, while learning to stay calm and confident.

Now you have six solid tips to get your game back in order again. Practice a few of these tips and then gradually start using more of them. Combined, they are the ultimate chipping yips cure!

In this how to stop hooking the golf ball article, you have learned that there are three main areas which can cause this problem. By becoming aware, slowing down your movements and analyzing what is going on, you will be able to pinpoint precisely what you are doing wrong and fix it quickly and easily.