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What is rogaining?

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation. The championship rogaine is of 24 hours duration but there are several shorter variants. Teamwork, endurance, competition and an appreciation of the natural environment are features of the sport. Rogaining involves both route planning and navigation between checkpoints using a variety…

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Basketball Crossover – What is it, How to Do it, and Tips to Perfect it

So, you want to be a basketball star? Many skills and personality characteristics are required for those who actually achieve their basketball dreams. Athleticism and perseverance can take the novice a long way towards their professional goals, but no player has risen to the top of their game without mastery…

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Benefits of Cycling

What is it about the sport of cycling that is so attractive? In part, the partnership of man and machine has a distinct attraction. The modern-day bicycle, with cranks and pedals, was invented in the 1860s with the first bicycle race thought to have been conducted at the Parc de…

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