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How to Play Badminton

Badminton is a fantastic sport. In addition to the fact that it is extraordinary fun and a decent chance to socialize with similarly invested individuals, yet there are likewise numerous health advantages of playing badminton. How about we investigate a few of these now … Flexibility – nobody can deny…

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Best Golf Exercises

Do you think you can run from doing golf fitness exercises forever? If you took up golf because you thought you could get by without doing any type of exercise program, you may want to think again. The best golf exercises can change an average golfer into a fantastic one…

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Golf Backswing and Follow Through

Golf Backswing Generating the Power for Your Swing The misconception which plagues many golfers is the belief they generate the power in their downswing.  The reality is your power and accuracy is generated in the golf backswing, with the golf downswing being the release of the energy captured.   The backswing…

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The Simple Golf Swing Program that raised my Game To New Levels

Today I as I walked through a mall with my wife I dropped into their largest bookstore. I was headed towards the sports section to check for a book on Golf Courses in Ireland, Scotland, and a few other international destinations I want to try. On my way towards the back…

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